Specialized Service

Every business has its own needs to be protected. Asta Kanti provides solution for corporate entities that meets your unique coverage needs. Our insurance solutions are designed to protect your business and provide you with peace of mind.

ASTA KANTI offers aviation insurance solution that best meets the specific need of aviation companies.

Our expert has wide range of knowledge in this industry to identify,assess,control,transfer and finance the risks.

Our scopes of aviation insurance are:

  • Recognizing the trends that affect aviation industry and evaluating the risk
  • Working side by side with client in with competent and reliable aviation insurance carriers
  • Creating and maintaining trusted relationship with aviation insurance carriers
  • Designing insurance program and service package that effective and fit with every client’s needs
  • Assisting in claiming process

Health insurance is the most progressive insurance program at Asta Kanti.

Many companies trust us to tailor their employees’ healthcare benefit.

They acknowledge that we offer more than health insurance program and benefit coverage. With specialized service and comprehensive understanding in this sector, we are able to give specific health insurance plan for employees and their family.

No matter your company is in small or large scale, our dedicated health insurance team brings you professional healthcare consultant and supporting staff to assist you in using the insurance benefit at best. We are also standby 24 hours to make sure your employees have the access for their insurance plan.

Asta Kanti has extensive network with reputable oil and gas insurance companies. Our specialists also have broad knowledge in this industry and always pay attention to the trends.

We have years of experience and knowledge of working with clients in this sector.

We aware that oil and gas companies need specific insurance service to make sure risk management and insurance plan works at best. That is why we have wide range of oil and gas insurance broking service:

  • Developing specifc oil and gas insurance package within the client’s budget
  • Assisting during the feasibility stage by designing lost control and formulating insurance budget
  • Reviewing project information, preparing and applying insurance closing
  • Designing and customizing insurance for specifc project
  • Proposing insurance plan from reliable insurance company
  • Assisting in claiming process

Property sector insurance is more than pure property or real estate insurance.

It offers a complete range of insurance solution for different needs.

Asta Kanti’s specialists provide risk consultation and our claim experts also ensure a comprehensive perspective and knowledge from pre-lost inspection and post-lost claim reviews with clients./em>

Our scopes of property insurance are:

  • Fixed property insurance (building, fxture, etc.)
  • Machine failure
  • Property business risk