Why Using Insurance Broker ?


“As insurance broker, we work independently and always stay objective without intervention from certain insurance company.”

Pahala Rudy Kurniawan

— Your Business. Our Priority —

We understand that every client is unique, every industry has its own risks. So, differentiation of risk management and insurance program is required. For many years, our professional experts have been working with individuals and corporate clients to define, design and deliver customized solutions to manage risks and recommend insurance program that suits their businesses. It is our commitment to gain the most effective result for our clients by protecting their business, human resource, asset and reputation.

We consist of a highly experienced, diverse group of people with strong background and property insurance, broking and risk management. Also we provide support for our clients at every stage of insurance process ensuring an effective, efficient and thorough service.

As insurance broker, we work independently and always stay objective without intervention from certain insurance company. That is why our driving force is highly dedicated in formulating the most effective integrated solution that meet your specific need and your budget, without charging service fee or making your premium cost higher. For us, it’s all about you and your business.

Together, let’s make your vision one step closer to reality.

Why Using Insurance Broker ?

In the world of “what ifs”, company is facing challenges and risks in every aspect of business. Anticipation is needed to manage the uncertainty of global business environment.


PT Asta Kanti as an expert in risk management service and insurance broker helps our clients to identify, protect against and recover from all risk in business.

For more than 15 years, Asta Kanti has grown by helping our clients anticipate and meet the challenges of dynamic change locally and globally. We have been representing both local and innternational renowned and trusted insurance companies and that enables us to provide wide variety of service for our clients, yet our talented experts with in-depth knowledge in many sectors are the reason for our longstanding client relationships.

At Asta Kanti, we focus on one thing: to help you realize your vision, by providing high standard service in risk management, risk consulting and insurance broking. Our specialized insurance which covers health, aviation, oil & gas and property sector has sharpened our capabilities in this business. Because every single work we do is based on our priority in helping you to survive and thrive.